Autumn’s For Jam Making


Well the news is out and the British Indoor Championships this year sees the focus shift in the direction of the masses with the main comp being judged as a jam format.  It also sees the demise of the Masters comp due to lack of attendees in previous years, so I’m going to have to step things up in order to survive against the youngsters.

To spice things up the comp is working on an elimination basis with 50% of the field being ditched after the first round before getting sliced again as the jam moves through the 4 sections on the course until the winners are crowned.

Great news for the youngsters though, not only do they get the opportunity to whip the asses of us oldies in the jam session but they also get to do their own 2 run comp before the jam to get warmed up and secure an overall age group placing….how I wish I was under 16 again!

So it looks as though the organisers have gone all out to make as many people happy as possible this year, the youngsters get more riding time than ever before and the jam lovers get to throw down without the pressure of having to do it in 2 runs with everyone watching….let’s see whether the comp attracts more new faces than the usual suspects or whether those that have been vocal in the past that it’s the format that puts them off entering will find another excuse to stay at home!

Thankfully the Masters will be an age category at the Brits in Tignes, so those of you that were thinking that it wouldn’t be worth going can pop the dates back in your diary as we will be able to compete against fellow oldies in March if we want to.

I’ll update again after the Wham Bam Thank You Jam to let you know my thoughts on how the comp worked and who turned up.

All hail the kickertastic park crew

Just a quick shout out to the park crew at SNO!zone MK for Friday night’s set up. With 2 really good kickers and a mix of boxes and rails that meant the intermediates & experts could both get 4 hits a run if they wanted it was a really good night.

The Boyf, who is normally in photography mode, was especially stoked to be riding with a double-kicker line out as he’s not really a fan of rails at the moment….he has especially asked that the kickers can be out again soon some doesn’t have to wait until the end of the winter season before he can continue to get his kicker legs back!

I was enjoying hitting the Nike box at the top, once I got my head round the kicker on (the angles all looked a bit weird to me), I settled into it and got some smooth tricks laid down. I’m looking forward to this Friday’s Park Strife so I can keep the progression going. With the British Indoor Championships in 20 days, and with 2 work trips scheduled to Munich & Madrid I need to make the most of my snow time.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the kickers as I was using a rubbish phone camera and couldn’t get the button to press at the right point on the lift, but they were big, smooth & fun! Can’t wait for the next double-kicker line 🙂


Upcoming Event: Park Strife & Airbag

If you fancy a bit of freestyle fun then get booked in to Park Strife on Friday 3rd August….5 hours of serious shreddage and if you pre-book then you get a free 45 minute session on the airbag too!  The last Park Strife was great fun and the kicker onto the airbag was perfect for practising spinning.

See you there!

Event: Who’s Afraid of the Park?

Come to SNO!zone MK this Friday for the latest in the Who’s Afraid of the Park event series that launched last year….this event gives you the opportunity to get some coaching from the slope’s qualified instructors as well as support and demos from the team of sponsored riders.  That means you can ride with me, and laugh when I demonstrate the wrong way to do things (following the old addage of if I fall over, don’t do what I did….if I’m still upright, then so what I did!)

Details can be found on the SNO!zone MK website.  Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

Thursday Shred

Since we moved I’ve managed to sneak in a few mid-week sessions at SNO!zone MK, something I wasn’t able to do when we were in Essex as I couldn’t get through the traffic after work in time to get to MK before the slope closed.  The Boyf and I headed up there again last night and had a great time sessioning the kicker they had out, in fact I had so much fun on it I didn’t even make it over to the rails.  It was a nice sized kicker, not too much whip and enough of a table that you could hit it mid-speed, although if you came in too fast you did clear the landing and needed stong legs to keep you out of the snow.  This did however mean that it was nicely spinable, enough airtime for me to bring my knees up and grab, not that that stopped me doing a couple of straight legged, ballerina armed attempts.  I did however manage to get some solid frontside 180s with mute and indy grabs, so I was pretty stoked with that.  By the time I’d moved onto backside 180s I’d lost the flow a bit and let myself get a bit distracted by other slope users who weren’t quite clued up about the purposes of the run in and landing, so I’ll need to get on to them a bit quicker tonight, I also want to see if I can transition from nice tucked grabbed 1s to a 360 without reverting to a ballerina-esque pose!

If you fancy shredding tonight there’s another freestyle session from 7pm-11pm with the same layout.  Lots of fun toys and great people to shred with in a relaxed environment.

Check out the Park Plan: