Thursday Shred

Since we moved I’ve managed to sneak in a few mid-week sessions at SNO!zone MK, something I wasn’t able to do when we were in Essex as I couldn’t get through the traffic after work in time to get to MK before the slope closed.  The Boyf and I headed up there again last night and had a great time sessioning the kicker they had out, in fact I had so much fun on it I didn’t even make it over to the rails.  It was a nice sized kicker, not too much whip and enough of a table that you could hit it mid-speed, although if you came in too fast you did clear the landing and needed stong legs to keep you out of the snow.  This did however mean that it was nicely spinable, enough airtime for me to bring my knees up and grab, not that that stopped me doing a couple of straight legged, ballerina armed attempts.  I did however manage to get some solid frontside 180s with mute and indy grabs, so I was pretty stoked with that.  By the time I’d moved onto backside 180s I’d lost the flow a bit and let myself get a bit distracted by other slope users who weren’t quite clued up about the purposes of the run in and landing, so I’ll need to get on to them a bit quicker tonight, I also want to see if I can transition from nice tucked grabbed 1s to a 360 without reverting to a ballerina-esque pose!

If you fancy shredding tonight there’s another freestyle session from 7pm-11pm with the same layout.  Lots of fun toys and great people to shred with in a relaxed environment.

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