It’s all about the balance

I was recently part of a campaign with Simplyhealth as part of Mental Health week and following on from that I was invited to blog about work/life balance.  This is something that is very close to my heart and in fact despite my slightly odd life I have found it works well for me.  I currently work overseas 4 days a week, I fly out to Switzerland on a Monday, camp in a hotel and then fly home on a Thursday evening.  A lot of people ask if this is exhausting or depressing but actually I have a much better work/life balance than when I was working in London and spending at least 4 hours a day getting from home to the office and back!  Yes I have to get up a bit early on a Monday morning to get my flight but it does mean that when I escape the office around 6pm each night I am done. Ten minutes walk to the hotel, running kit on and I am out pounding the pavements.  Yes it took some adjustment for the Boyf and I, but actually this way we spend an hour on FaceTime each night and actually pay attention to what the other is saying as we chat about our days (rather than rowing the moment we got home from our respective jobs because we were both stressed or angry).

Anyway, Simplyhealth have put together a quiz “What does your work / life balance say about you?” and some tips to help you understand what type of person you are and how best to balance your life and work.  Go and do it…….

… what did you come out as?

The IntegratorI am pretty balanced on my responses but B (The Integrator) just snuck in for the win! I have to say this is pretty much spot on! Whether it is because I am a contractor, or maybe I am a contractor because this is the type of person that I am I don’t know but hey…..either way it works for me.  That said I definitely need to book more holidays in future, and who knows, maybe on some of them I will just chill out rather than taking leave to go and run somewhere!

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  1. It’s my work/running balance that’s all messed up lunch breaks aren’t long enough for further than 10k 🙂

    I also came out as a B with a fair few C’s, not many A’s though obviously a bit rubbish at separating

  2. not bad, did my first half distance on Saturday morning in 1hr 57, was mainly road, but wanted to be sure mentally that the distance was ok

    Hill repeats today, gentle run tomorrow and then Martock 10k on Sunday

    So it’s all coming together ok… Just be interested to see the course… And how big the hills are!!

  3. Brilliant, that’s a good time. Have fun on the hills, I definitely need to do more of that but I struggle to find them. I expect the invader hills to be big enough for me to walk them!

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  9. Hi Kat all I can say is I admire you for your hard work!!!

    Its nice to have you as a Co-Host for the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday, great way to make a connection with other bloggers.

    Hope you enjoy your week!

  10. Finding the balance is always the challenge…I once worked so hard as the job was very demanding and it involved a lot of traveling as well, but now, with the cancer I have, I have no better choice but to keep the balance in life and prioritize..Thanks for reminding me again 🙂

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