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#SHhealthymindsIt was Mental Health Week last week, but just because it is now May 18th that doesn’t mean we should stop thinking about mental health. Which is why I saved this post until today because mental health is important enough to think about every day of the year! Over the course of the last week I have been part of a campaign run by @SimplyHealthUK that I heard about from the lovely team at Joe Blogs. Everyday I have been tweeting my positives for the day with the hashtag #SHhealthyminds, well nearly everyday…..I had such a fun and exhausting day of positivity on Saturday I may have forgotten to Tweet about it! Simply Health have done a great post covering 5 steps towards positive thinking, so when you are finished with my post take a look at theirs! I have to admit that I am lucky enough to be a positive person, my outlook on life is definitely “glass full”. Whether it is full of air, water or Tequila then the glass is still full, but it’s how you interpret that fullness that is important. Number 4 on the list is thinking positive thoughts and I found that over the course of the week I started to look forward to sharing the positives of the day. It made me feel happy to just spend a moment in time thinking about my day and then planning how best to share the positives in under 140 characters. What I did like was that after Tweeting I had friends favourite the Tweets and I like to think that my positives added some positivity to their day too.

This Storify shows my #SHhealthminds Tweets of the week:

The final positive for me this week is that by being involved in the #SHhealthyminds Twitter campaign, Simply Health will be donating £50 to Mind on my behalf….I hope they can help more people find the positives in life and fight their personal darkness.  I realise that depression and other mental health issues can’t be magically cured just by thinking positive thoughts but I plan on continuing to share positives in my life and hope that this post encourages you to do the same!


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  1. LOVE this post. I somehow missed this campaign but think it is brilliant! Thinking of and documenting the positives in life is such an uplifting thing to do. Also heartily agree mental health shouldn’t just be consigned to a special week. Keeping mentally fit & healthy just as important as the physical stuff.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it Rachel, give it a go! This morning I’ve already found myself thinking positively about light drizzle as at least it means I am kept cool and not overheated (I am not a fan of hot weather). On the flip-side I was slightly disappointed that I am being drizzled on the way to work rather than being out running in it

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