Into the final stretch

It’s the last week of Janathon and I haven’t done a bad job at sticking with it. Better than I expected that’s for sure. They last few days have been blog post free as rest days aren’t that exciting to post about, let alone read about. Friday I was working from home, it was a rest day, I worked and then had a nap. Saturday was a rest day, I skipped parkrun, ate crumpets and pancakes at the Delaunay and wandered round London for the morning. This resulted in the bargainous purchase of pink & orange leopard print leggings and some less bargainous, but no less awesome items from Lululemon (another skort and 2 casual tops).

IMG_4750Sunday was a threshold run, although at a slower pace than last week I still planned the route so the fast 10 minute section was going downhill not up. To make up for the gravitational assistance I ran a bit faster than my designated pace. 41 minutes in the bag! Scary to think that in one month’s time I’ll have completed what I hope will be my furthest distance ever run. Time-wise the 6 hour challenge will probably mean I’ll be on course for less time than my first marathon (unless I manage to time my departure from the aid-station just right and get some extra time to complete my final lap). I am however hoping that given the course is flatter than the Lake District and that I will be constantly looping past the aid station that my forward motion will carry me further in the same time.

We shall see in 4 weeks I suppose. At the very least I want to keep going for the full time and try to refuel on the move (maybe walking for a minute or two on each lap as I pass through the aid station). Even if I end up walking the last few loops I want to keep going, not stop early (even though you can claim your bling after 1 lap).

I have a lunchtime gym session planned for today, with a run tomorrow, but I might shuffle that if it snows in Basel today. If it does then the big kid in me intends to go and run in it!


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