Maths & tech fail

Last night I diligently prepped for this morning’s run. I synced my interval workout to my Garmin 620, I created a high level RunKeeper workout and set that ready too. By high level I mean I worked out how long my walk/sprint section would last for (5 minutes) rather than separating each of the walk for 30 second, run for 30 second intervals (of which there were 10 of each) as that was way too time consuming. After all my watch would alert me to when each interval started and finished.

Can you see where this is heading yet?

5am, alarm goes off, cold coffee downed (to kick start bodily functions) and I started to layer my compression gear. Mio Fuse wristband heart rate monitor on (I will review this at some point), but it couldn’t find my pulse. Try again, give up.Tech won’t beat me this morning…head out the door. Mio starts working as I head down the stairs, Garmin picks up satellites as I walk out the door, I start RunKeeper. 15 seconds later (I get gloves on and phone tucked away), work out starts, I hit go on the Garmin and start jogging. Slow start today, 5 mins at 7:54/km pace, all is well, 2 minute updates from RunKeeper, pace, distance, heart rate, all is well with the world. Five minutes elapse, next interval, 13 minutes at 6:54/km, ease up the bridge and realise my Garmin isn’t nagging me with “too fast”, “too slow” warnings. Foggy brain ponders….ah yes, that will be because I chose go, not select workout,sprintervals, go! Bother. Hmmmm sprintervals, 30 seconds on 30 seconds off and my RunKeeper isn’t programmed for that. Keep running, stop Garmin, keep running, select workout, hit go, keep running, skip warm-up interval. Success, Garmin & RunKeeper are now both running but interval times are out of sync. Run more, interval time is almost here. RunKeeper says start intervals, I hit lap on my Garmin and start my first walk interval. We’re back in sync, all is well with the world! Hurrah, I rock, I manage my tech it doesn’t manage me….all hail Kat Queen of Gadgets (I was wearing my Pebble too, 3 items of wrist worn tech and an iPhone, could I be more awesome?!). Sprinty sprint, walk, sprinty sprint, all is good, I am happy. RunKeeper pipes up to tell me my sprinterval interval is over, my Garmin disagrees. I keep up with the walk/sprint rotations, 90 seconds of baffled ponderance later the penny finally drops! 10 reps of walk 30 seconds, sprint 30 seconds does not take 5 minutes. Yes, 10 divided by 2 is 5, but 10 times 1 (30+30) is 10! So you need a 10 minute RunKeeper interval to cover you. Not 5! Pay attention in maths class kids, you never know when you might need it.

Anyway after that fail I was almost done on the sprinterval section and was able to ease off on the pace for the final run back to the hotel. Run done all before 6:30am.

I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio at the gym over lunchtime too! Not bad for a travel day (and for multi-tasking by blogging this whilst I fly home). No running now till Sunday, I suppose I will have to do some of my 30 day challenges, and perhaps even a Dressing Gown Dash to give me something to fulfil my Janathobligations!

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