Snow much fun

The snow kept falling yesterday afternoon so I juggled my schedule and headed out to do the interval session planned for Tuesday morning. I wasn’t the only crazy one pounding the streets & there seemed to be even more runner’s comradery than normal as we left footprints in the snow & wiped flakes from our eye lashes. I’m not sure my tech liked the cold though. My Garmin rebooted after the 5th interval, and the pacing on RunKeeper seemed more off than normal. This probably contributed to the fact that my TrainAsOne program was convinced I had done and easy run not an interval session and left me more intervals to do this morning.

As I had a work meal tonight I was up at 5:30 and out to do my second interval session of the week. Rather than 6×30 seconds these were 3x3minutes. Much harder! Luckily the snow had mostly melted rather than turned to sheet ice!

Session done it was coffee, work and then another lunchtime cardio session (and 30 press-ups). The press-ups are the only 30 day challenge that is still on the go. I will complete them but need to consider the worthiness of the others and decide what I will do for my February challenges.

No running tomorrow but meetings permitting I’ll squeeze another 30 minutes in at the gym over lunch.



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