Scuppered by work

imagePart 1: written Thursday night on my flight home (forgot to post it though)

A travel day today meant I was only in the office until 15:30, couple that with a rather hectic day at work and I didn’t make it to the gym at lunchtime. Not great but I will make up for it with 32 press-ups when I finally get home tonight (possibly before dinner though as I am not sure press-ups on a full stomach are the best idea.

Yesterday’s workout comprised of 30 minutes lunchtime cardio and 31 press-ups. I very nearly did Friday’s scheduled run last night as I had had a fairly stressful day in the office, but I was tired and overly grumpy and knew running in that mood was a bad idea if it wasn’t really required. That means I will need to get out for 61 minutes at some point tomorrow. It’s a working from home day, and the fact I will be working Swiss hours from the UK means I should be done and dusted by 16:00 at the latest, so it won’t be too tricky to fit it in.

If I am lucky then my new Asics trainers may arrive, fingers crossed!


Part 2: Friday

No Asics trainers yet, I managed to get my run in at lunchtime though. It was a bit slushy but my pacing was good and my heart rate seems to be staying at a reasonable level (for me) in the steady intervals.
parkrun tomorrow, we were due to go to Thetford to meet the TrainAsOne team but given it might be snowy we’ve put that on hold. Looks like it’ll be Panshanger instead. We were last there on Christmas Day, and I have just realised that although I did my 50th parkrun on NYD, tomorrow will be 51. Having kicked off 2015 with some volunteering I am looking forward to getting back to parkrunning!


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