Janathon Done

I did it! OK some of the daily updates were simply a Tweet or mention on Facebook but Janathon is done! Panshanger parkrun finished off the month nicely and the snow held off until I was back home and walking to the shops to get food and collect some parcels (still no trainers but I do have my Skechers Go Walk for work and replacement SodaStream gas).

I’ve done a quick review of what I have done in January and it comes out at 20 runs, 13 gym sessions and I volunteered twice at parkrun (plus this is my 22nd blog post!). I managed about 50% of the month doing the 30 day challenges but stopped because it felt like it was doing more harm to my running than good. I need to rethink that aspect of my training for February and will do a separate post about that once I have pondered further.

February is going to be an interesting month, if all goes to plan I will finish my first ultra distance run on February 22nd. It’s a timed, multi-lap event, so I just need to keep moving onwards for 6 hours. I will settle for getting a marathon done, but would love to hit 50km if I can. I think that the outcome of the race will also confirm that the TrainAsOne method of training really does work for me. The concept is Train Smarter, Not Harder and I do feel as though I am running better than when I was using RunCoach. Distance-wise I am running less but I am feeling stronger, hopefully I will cope with the mental aspects of 5km-ish loops for 6 hours and prove to myself you don’t need mega-miles underfoot to perform well.
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