Oops, another race in the diary

I’ve signed up for another race, The Lydd 20. The Boyf got involved in a conversation on FaceBook last night and by the time my delayed flight was called for boarding this morning I had signed us up for the Lydd 20 Miler. Apparently it is a flat, PB-possible course and I am planning on running it slowly. Not only is it my first 20 mile race (therefore whatever I do is a PB), but it’s 2 weeks before the hilly, CTS Sussex Half and I have every intention of beating my time from last year at that race.

You may have noticed that I do have a tendency to just sign us up for random races, but why not eh? If I am going to be out running there might as well be the possibility for bling and some new and varied surroundings. We currently have the following nice mix of races in the calendar:

  • Fun Runs – 2
  • 10km – 2
  • 10 Mile/17km – 3
  • Half Marathon – 2
  • 20 Mile – 2
  • Marathon – 2
  • Ultra – 2

This month is our first ultra, The Hugin Challenge. It’s a 6 hour multi-lap race and I want to do 50km. I’ll settle for a marathon but the key thing is to go as far as I can and keep going for the full time allowed. It’s less than 3 weeks away and I will admit to being slightly apprehensive but I am also very excited. I was on course for 6.5 hours on my marathon last year, although a fair bit of that was walking (it was the Lake District, it’s hilly up there!), so I know I can survive the time on feet….I just want to do it a bit faster. I will do it a bit faster!



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