Janathon Day 15 Tiredness

A slightly later start than normal today as I decided to time the end of my run to match Starbucks’ opening. Alarm went off at 5:15am, at 5:30am I got out of bed to put the light on (Room 23 has a non-working bedside light switch), and then read Facebook in bed for 15 minutes to properly wake up. Out at 6:15am for 47 mins at 6:17/km pace. I knew pretty much immediately that that wasn’t happening. Legs of lead were the order of the day, so I stuck at a slightly slower pace to make sure I at least completed the designated time. I also stuck in a couple of hills reps towards the end of the run to make me feel a bit better about easing off on the pace. I arrived at Starbucks, grabbed a latte and Pita Rustica before heading back to the hotel. Given the heavy legs and sluggishness I felt the need for a bit of extra carb today, I almost had cake but decided a nice seedy roll, chicken and squishy cream cheese (warmed) was probably better. Got to the hotel just in time to offload a large amount of toxic waste….sometimes morning runs go smoothly, others the jiggling just shakes things up just a bit too much. I hadn’t planned in time for excessive loo stops in my “get in, shower, finish packing and get to the office for 8:00am” plan so arrived a bit later than normal….I was still first in though, hurrah!

I decided to skip the gym today, I was really feeling the tiredness and decided it was better to rest than tire myself further. Instead I walked to McDonald’s to pick up a crispy chicken Ceasar salad (a tiny bit more carb) and got told off on Twitter (McDonald’s is bad m’kay). I replied in disagreement, I truly believe that if you choose wisely McDonald’s can be a much better option than grabbing a sandwich or eating ready cook pasta. I tend to eat more fat/protein than I do carb and so for me chicken salad works just fine. I’d normally go for the grilled chicken version but I know when more carb is needed and when it isn’t and today was a definite carb day.

120 squats in the loo mid afternoon got one of my 30 day challenges out of the way. Wall sit, press-ups and plank are all on hold as I can’t get into tonight’s hotel room…..so instead there’s Guinness!


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