This Girl Does

I am very lucky, I am full of self belief, yes sometimes I am afraid, but I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I am also pretty confident in how I look, I don’t love my body, there are bits I could improve (and sometimes if I can be bothered I try and improve them). The key thing is I don’t let those worries stop me doing the things I want. I wear short skirts (my legs aren’t stick thin), I run (bits of me jiggle, even with compression wear), I mostly can’t be bothered to put make-up on (it never lasts more than an hour), I don’t let being a girl stop me (I snowboard & do tricks, lots of girls don’t freestyle).

Not everyone is as lucky as me, not everyone has the confidence to do what they want, wear what they want, do the job they want or the sport they want….Sport England are currently running a campaign, This Girl Can, to encourage more women to be active and to show them that there are people out there playing sport & exercising in all shapes and sizes and there is no reason not to get involved and give it a go.

Body issues aren’t just a girl thing of course, and so I encourage men and women to watch these videos (This Girl Can & Behind the Scenes) and then get active. Whether you think you are too fat, too thin, too weird looking, it doesn’t matter. No one cares and if they do then tough, you mustn’t let it affect you! Get out there, get active and have some fun and show them that #thisgirlcan

On that note today’s Janathon has seen me do 30 mins of cardio at the gym over lunch, 75 squats, 27 press-ups and once my McDonald’s has gone down I’ll be doing my 130 second wall sit (my legs may drop off).


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