Planktastic pain

Planks are hard! I am no longer convinced that doing these 30 day challenges is a good idea, this stuff hurts! 90 seconds of plank today almost killed me, that and 120 seconds of wall sitting. The 26 press-ups stung a bit but nothing in comparison to the plank and I’ve also decided that squatting before running is also a stupid idea. 120 squats yesterday & 40 today meant my legs were a touch on the heavy side when I headed out just before 6am for my interval session. 43 mins of running including 12 intervals at 4:43 mins/km, all went well until around interval 10 when my left foot went a bit numb (top lace tied too tight) and then with 5 minutes left of my cool down I started to get a bit of a stomach gurgle. With an impending #codebrown emergency I slowed my pace slightly to keep things in check and made it back to the hotel just in the nick of time.

A standard morning in the office dealing with the usual irritants meant I was glad to escape to the gym for half an hour on the steppers, plenty of food earned today. I’m really glad that I have started taking the chance to break up the day with a quick workout. It really makes a difference being able to clear your head and reinvigorate yourself for the remainder of the day. It also stops me wanting to scream at some of the idiocy I face in the office on a regular basis.

Now to relax a bit and enjoy the fact that tomorrow is a plank-free day! Oh and to revel in the fact I managed all 4 runs for Jantastic last week so I have stickers! (Pretend online stickers not sticky ones unfortunately).



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