Janathon 12: 120 squats

What a lovely coincidence….whilst pondering the title for today’s post I realised that it is Janathon day 12 and I have 120 squats to do! It’s a run-free day today but my plan is to do a quick 30 minute session in the gym at lunchtime assuming work isn’t crazily busy.  It would appear it is also my plan to write this blog post in future and past tense (section 1 is being written on my flight to work), section 2 to be completed after I have actually done some exercise.  In addition to 30 mins cardio and that stupid amount of squats I also need to do 110 second wall sit, 25 push-ups and a 60 second plank.  I am also continuing to log all my food and drink.  I have lost 4lbs since 24th December, not bad going as I am not dieting so much as making sure I eat more fat & protein than I do carbs.  Using MyFitnessPal I do have a target of 1200 calories a day to eat (excluding and exercise), but if I am hungry then I am not going to worry if I go over that (or whatever extra I can eat once my exercise is also taken into consideration), the key for me is avoiding bread and sugar as much as possible.  We did go a bit carb crazy on Saturday but the fact we also walked miles round London and ran in the evening meant I hadn’t actually put extra carb-weight on when I weighed in on Sunday morning.  Sometimes I can retain quite a bit of water after carbing, part of the reason I was up to 155.8lbs on Christmas Eve was down to me spending 3 days at a friend’s house eating a by carb heavy diet. Deviating from my normal high protein/fat diet for that long really upsets my inner balance and definitely makes me feel extra jiggly when I run.

Exercise was completed as expected, 120 squats, 25 press-ups, 60 second plank & 110 second wall sit covered my 30 day challenges and I did 20 mins on the tread-climber for a bit of cardio.  I’m going to spend the evening relaxing and maybe doing a bit of study but will probably get an early night so I can be fresh for tomorrow’s pre-work interval session.

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