Crumpets, runs & more core

Another quick post as it has been a hectic weekend & I have to be up early in the morning to drive to the airport. We were due to do Wimpole parkrun this week as it was their second birthday, but the powers that be cancelled it on Friday night sue to the high winds. Safety is important so you can’t blame the National Trust for making this decision.  At a slightly loose end we decided to head to London to celebrate the Boyf’s birthday instead.  We could have gone to another parkrun but felt like it would be a good weekend to take a break and so instead we went for breakfast at The Delaunay.  Coffee hot chocolate with Kirsch, crumpets, pancakes and rösti with eggs were consumed between the two of us which made me slightly worried as I was having to run when we got home to stay on plan and on my Jantastic targets!  Lunch didn help to allay my fears either (burger, chips & a margarita at Gaucho), but after heading home a 90 minute nap got me prepped for my 44 minute run & 30 day challenges.

Today involved a 40 minute run first thing, a nap, a trip to Oxford and my 30 day challenges….so still hanging in there with both Janathon & Jantastic! Now time for more sleep!

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