imageI’m tired, so this is going to be a short post.  I did my 30 day challenges, thankfully I only had to do 50 squats today, yesterday’s 90 was hard so it was nice not to have to do that many.  Friday is working from home day, so I worked and watched Breakout Kings on Netflix.  For breakfast I had a coconut water & protein shake with avocado….avocado works surprisingly well in a shake make it super creamy and not avocadoey like you might expect.  For lunch I had cauliflower cheese (a whole cauliflower & 4 kinds of cheese).  Oh and my Joggbox came, so that was nice.


Today’s run was scheduled as a threshold session and included an interval of 10 minutes at 5:22/km.  I didn’t think I could manage that near home so we went to the track.  Many laps later, my legs, lungs and heart are tired so after a nice dinner of steak, veg and half a bottle of champagne I am going to zone out on my bed of nails for a bit before getting an early night.

No parkrun for us tomorrow as Wimpole is cancelled due to high winds, so we’re going to have a wander in London instead.


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