Whoop! 90 Squats done

A doubled up day today, something I think may well be the case for Thursdays in general.  I fly home on a Thursday and so to ensure I stick to my food and drink plan it is handy to have some additional room for a drink in the lounge and for me to have dinner with the Boyf when I get in as well.

After dropping my case in the office I was in the gym for 6am and knocked out 3 of my 30 day challenges (70 second wall sit, 21 press-ups and 45 second plank) along with 20 minutes on the tread-climber and 15 minutes of hills on the swing-stepper. I decided to save the 90 squats until lunchtime as my legs were not willing to consider doing them after everything else.

A walk to Starbucks got my step count higher and I followed my Venti latte with Parma ham and Marmite cheese bites for breakfast….this actually kept me going till it was lunch-gym time!  I did go to the gym an hour earlier than normal though, not because I was starving (honest) but with it being flight day I didn’t need to shorten the afternoon quite as much to make it bearable.

The moment of truth came about 12:10pm, would my legs survive? They did! 90 squats, done & dusted.  20 minutes on the stepper as well while I listened to the brilliant Nick Maxwell mix from Professor Elemental‘s last album.  Have a listen, it’s brilliant.

I’m back on running tomorrow, which is a good thing as I need 3 more runs to hit my Jantastic target for the week and there are only 3 days left!

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