Wow! A week done

Wow! that’s a week of Janathon done, 7 days of exercise and I am still at it.  Nothing of excitement to talk about today really, I quiet day in the office and I decided to ignore the suggestion from the Facebook group that I should exercise before and during work and had a lie in until 6am.  My lunchtime gym session consisted of 15 mins on the yellow stepper (intervals, 120 steps/min), 60 squats,
15 mins on the swing stepper (hills, level 10), 60 second wall sit and 20 press-ups.  Cardio & my 30 day challenges combined together and believe me my legs hated me for it.  My legs started to wobble 40 seconds into the wall sit but I managed to hang on for the full minute.  I am not convinced that I will be able to do 300 seconds by the end of the month, but all I can do is keep building up and see what happens.

Today's exercise complete #janathon

My food logging continues to go well, but of course logging it isn’t so much the issue as making sure I am eating enough but not too much.  It will be interesting to see if this week of exercise and monitoring my food has made any difference to my weight at all.  I’ve been quite carb-light so if nothing else there should be less water floating around in me.  I may well do the exercise double tomorrow and hit the gym before work and at lunchtime.  Thursday is probably my worst day food-wise as I fly home, which means I tend to get tempted into eating random food in the airport lounge, so it won’t hurt to balance this out a bit beforehand.  then again if I am tired I won’t be leaping out of bed early and will just go and enjoy a pre-work coffee instead.


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