Are desk-naps allowed?

niteowl5am alarm clock, switched light on, snoozed for 30 minutes, escaped duvet. Multi-layered up and headed out for for a pre-work run. I am following a plan from TrainAsOne and today called for repetitions (2 x 4:17km/min for 30 seconds) in amongst a couple of longer intervals at my training pace of 6:17/km. It was chilly and dark, but my trainers glow in the dark and that makes me happy! I was back at the hotel for 6:30am in time to shower and head to Starbucks for my daily coffee.
By 10:10am I was already wishing I could doze at my desk…..I may need to start booking a meeting room to fit in a quick nap during the day as otherwise I may not manage to keep the exercise/work balance going for the rest of the month.
Early morning run #TrainAsOne #janathon #jantastic

Another lunchtime gym session meant I was able to escape my desk for an hour (funny how eating doesn’t allow that), and I did 20 minutes on the Tread-Climber (a treadmill with a scissor action) and 10 mins on the swing stepper.  I also squeezed in my 30 day challenges so that I don’t have to do them later.  19 press-ups, 50 second wall sit and 40 second plank….thankfully it’s rest day for squats.

Janathon day 6 done, my first Jantastic run completed and a whole evening free to study!
30 Day Challenge & Lunchtime Gym #janathon

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