Janathon Day 5, back to work

I haven’t missed my 4am Monday alarm call for the last couple of weeks, but this morning it was back with a vengeance.  I fought the duvet and won and was in the taxi to Heathrow by 5am.  Thankfully things still seem to be quiet in the office, I hadn’t had any emails since Friday and so was able to hit the gym for half an hour at lunch.  I tend to use my lunch break for low heart rate cardio on the stepper/elliptical thingummies they have there.  I already stress my heart enough with my running without going for high-level cardio in the gym as well so today I did 15 minutes on the stepper and 15 (level 10 strength setting) on the “swing-stepper”.  A quick shower and back to the office to eat my salad.  I’ve started logging my food using MyFitnessPal again, I could do with losing a bit of weight to help me get a bit speedier and whilst I am not really calorie counting the process of logging it stops me eating bread and helps me check I keep my carbs low and fat/protein high.  By logging it I can spot why I haven’t lost weight when I am expecting to.  My diet is made trickier by the fact I live in a hotel 3 nights a week so either have to eat takeaway or cold food from the supermarket.  Tonight’s evening meal was mini salamis, olives and walnut cheese.

In addition to the gym I completed over 15,000 steps and my 30 day challenges.  Today it was 60 squats, 18 press-ups, 40 second wall sit and a 30 second plank.  Now I am going to switch to my other focus and get some of my OU study done and try and decide if I am going to run before or after work tomorrow.

Bring on day 6!
Janathon Day 5 #janathon

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