Foggy Sunday

Foggy ‘Twas the last day of the holidays and it was foggy outside, so it’s entirely normal to get up and head out for a run at 8am right? My TrainAsOne schedule had me down for a short economy run so the Boyf and I headed out for a local loop. 3.78km completed in 25 minutes at an average of 6:37/km.  This was a tiny bit slower than planned but it was icy out and I decided staying upright and in one piece was going to be more useful to me in the long run than shaving off a couple of seconds a kilometre.

After getting my run out of the way it was normal Sunday tasks, weekly shop, lunch, Sunday nap and then post nap 30 Day Challenges.  Yes, 3 days in and I am still doing them….I’m pretty sure that’s a first!  30 second wall sit & plank, 17 press-ups and 75 squats done.

Not a bad effort for the day really.  Now I need to get packing as I have a 5am taxi call for tomorrow’s flight back to work.

Janathon Day 4 Summary #janathon


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