Fingers crossed it's an airbag day

It’s been a little over a week now since I last got to play on the airbag at Gosling Dry Slope, the bruises and swelling I gained from falling off the 7 foot kicker (jump to those of you who don’t snowboard) and falling on to dendix (I’ll fill you all in on this stuff later) when I missed the airbag completely, have pretty much gone. I want to have another go now, and hopefully all being well today will be the day. So I’m sitting at home in anticipation, waiting for the call from my mates to say we’ve got the go ahead to have a session, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach (the good kind mostly) and a strange burning desire to throw myself down a plastic covered hill in the middle of summer, at high speed, in order to fly of a monst kicker and land on the adult equivalent of a bouncy castle….I must be mad! More later once I know if the session’s on or whether I’ll do something less exciting instead (like get my hair cut).

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