Who knows whom and trackback fun!

OK it all started this morning when I checked bloglines to see if anything exciting had come in over night and is ending with me hopefully giving a bit of a boost to a fellow newbie blogger!
The first thing to catch my eye was
this trackback from Euan at the Obvious? relating to a post on Suw’s blog. On taking a quick browse through Suw’s recent postings I saw this request so went off to visit Steve who I find is also new at this kind of stuff. So much so that he seems to be as excited as me about trackbacks and feeling loved by strange random interweb type folk so I thought it was only fair to give him a trackback to brighten his day when he next logs on…..and to make him realise that there are plenty of us simpletons still out there as he says

I do realise that anybody who has found my blog via Suw’s blog is likely to be au fait with such things as ‘trackbacks’ and are probably rolling their eyes and thinking, “Pfffft! Simpleton!”

Apologies to anyone if I’ve done this post in completely the wrong manner and linked to the wrong bits or trackbacked in some major break of blogging etiquette. Steve I hope I’ve managed to ping your trackback and you’re feeling loved!

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  1. Suw

    Kat, coming across lovely people like you is just why I adore the blogosphere. I do hope you enjoy your blog and those of all the other cool people who are blogging!

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