It looks like its going to be one of those days (mobile post) – updated

What a start to a Friday! After having had to renew my
season ticket this morning I already felt like I had
lost an arm and a leg. I was served by the slowest
moving person ever which didnt help my mood, I then
heard the announcement that since there were signal
problems at liverpool st station they were cancelling
most of the trains for the next hour at least. Then
one of the trains that was still running was cancelled
due to mechanical failure! So now I have managed to
sardine myself onto the one remaining train only to
find myself stuck outside Manor Park station because
theres a suspicious package at Stratford! Why cant
people keep hold of their bags? Im assuming that it
happens to be someones shopping at this point so feel
justified in feeling inconvenienced by some forgetful
muppet. Lots hope the day gets better!

Update – it appears that it was someone’s shopping! I finally got in to Stratford and got on the central line for a trip to West London, I finally made it to the office at 10am after having been stuck again because of a faulty train at Oxford Circus.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for an easier trip home!

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  1. Ruth

    When will it end, eh? And in this heat… I wish they’d invent portable non-melting ice or something. Hope you get in OK and it was just a muppet.

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