Castleford AIM – Slopestyle layout

Yay! the lovely Spencer from Soul Sports has posted this provisional slope layout for the next comp in Castleford on 3rd September and I’m really excited. It looks like there’s a good mix of toys for all abilities (even mine) and I can see a couple of lines forming in my mind already. Fingers crossed everything will go according to plan.
We’re back to the “2 run format” rather than a jam session for this comp and I actually prefer that. I know it’s contrary to the majority but I really like being the focus of attention both of the judges and the spectators, at least that way I know that no matter how well or how badly I’m riding I’m being judges on everything I do. I always feel a bit nervous that in jam sessions things get missed…even if it is a slam rather than a really stand out trick I’d rather know everyone saw it lol……exhibitionist me?…..yeah too right!
Here’s the plan:

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