Hurrah! The Euroboys sack is open for business

Yesterday saw us “testing” the bag for the last time and I’m pleased to annouce that Tuesday 9th August will see the bag in full public use for the first time. The session will be running from 18:30 to 21:30

Cost is £10 per hour or £25 for 3 hours (a slope charge of £10 for 3 hours is also payable)

This Tuesday will be on a first come, first ride basis with a maximum of 30 people using the bag per hour.

A few points of note:

All slope users must wear long sleeves & helmets

All boards must have intact edges

All airbag users must pass a speed riding test for their own safety

I have to tell you that the airbag is the most fun I have had since I started riding, it’s completely addictive and if I’m honest with you I’m currently living from Tuesday to Tuesday until I can get my next fix.

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