At last…

…OK so I may be counting my chickens here but weather-wise it actually looks like it’s going to be a bit cooler than the standard Tuesday temperature of 25 degrees. Yay! I’m really looking forward to riding the dry slope tonight in something less than sub-tropical conditions, rumour has it there may even be some light drizzle to add to the speed.

Oh and my other new board (Jeenyus the Broads) is just as lovely as my Black Widow, I rode it Saturday at the Snopirates Jam at Tamworth and it’s brilliant……here’s hoping it has magical powers that actually help me ride the Burton Black Metal set up at Castleford this weekend. I’m currently working on the theory that if I believe the kit is good and that it works better than my old stuff that I’ll have the confidence to really give some new stuff a go. I’ll update you on Sunday to let you know if this theory holds true.

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