So there I was tapping away at my keyboard in the office this afternoon when I was disturbed by the postie, so I turn round to sign for a parcel thinking it was the usual recorded junk mail to find a large, long package and a shorter fatter package…this could only mean one thing…..boarding gear!

Yes two packages from Jeenyus in Austria, the board, hoodies and gloves I’d ordered and wasn’t expecting until Friday at the earliest had arrived. Now luckily my boss snowboards so he understands the excitement of receiving new kit so I was able to open it all in the office. I so love getting new stuff, the Jeenyus Broads 149 (my new jib stick) looks so good, it has a green Pringle style design and I love it.

Cue more strange looks on the tube and some bouncing round the living room to check it works. It’s another narrow board so now I have 2 which allow my toes to over hang just enough, and now I’m just counting down until Saturday night when I get to go to Tamworth and christen it!

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  1. Dr Snowboard

    Ah, the thrill of packaging.
    My burton gear turned up last night – ions, cartels and some cargos big enough for Liz to comment that they were ‘completely ridiculous’ so probably about right. All in black.

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