New job….

…well I’ve now been back in HR for 2 weeks and am loving it, it’s great being in charge of so many people and the work is much more varied and pressurised than my last role. Even though it’s busy I’ve joined the gym and have actually been using it in my lunch hour….who knows I may even be a little bit fitter by the time I go away.

Boarding-wise, I was at Tamworth last weekend and had a session working on my frontside boardslides, these seem to be coming along nicely and I’m starting to feel a bit less scared about going along a rail or box backwards (even though I did have a nasty slam). Hopefully my session there tomorrow will see continued improvement and less bruising.

Finally for those of you looking to pick up some cheap boarding kit I’m off loading some stuff on eBay, so check this link for everything from knitted mittens to goggles and jackets.

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