Friday Fun!

It’s been a busy weekend, the storm came in as expected and the weekend total of snow came to around 2 feet. After riding briefly on the hill on Friday (cold, windy, cold) we came home and The Boyf, Joe & Steve set up a “bin jib” in our driveway. Now these weren’t your normal wheelie bins like we have at home, these are proper metal bear-proof bins! It was snowing pretty heavily so there was plenty of fresh snow on the drive to build a kicker/ramp from…..then it was just a matter of towing in the guys and taking the shot. Of course towing someone in fresh snow is easier said than done, especially when you’re in trainers, this was demonstrated by Ben and Stu who both ended up falling over, Stu face first into the drive 2 steps into the tow and then Ben crashed past the bin into the fence resulting in a blood blister to the palm of his hand. Here are a couple of shots, check out how much it’s snowing!

Steve looking cool (& Ben with his hurt hand).

Steve & the bear-proof bin

Steve jibs the bin

Joe jibbing the bin

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