Hole in the wall

After a few laps in the south park I met up with Vicci (Miller) and she offered me to go powder riding. I didn’t think there would be any left but Vicci has been living here for 5 years so I thought she might know some stashes so I agreed.
After asking Ben and Steve if they wanted to come Ben said yes and Steve went off over to main park. Vicci, Ben and myself headed up towards the top where Vicci took us off to some secret spots where we made a few good turns, got stuck in some tree wells and then followed Vicci onto the ‘hole in the wall’.
Thought I’d post some pictures of the views and the hole in the wall for you all to look at although I can’t tell you how to get to them 😉

Me at the top of the ‘hole in the wall

Ben at the bottom of the ‘hole in the wall’

Our view

Looking back to the cliff face we dropped down from – the circle is where the ‘hole in the wall’ was

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