Is it fun??

Yeah I think it’s great times!

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  1. finlay

    I think a lotta times no matter how good or how great something is, if you do it a lot then you always kind of lose perspective… haha, hope mammoths going good

  2. Northstar

    Word up Homeslices! Kat, J-Man, Steve, Laura and all you lucky peeps out there at the moment…James here from Sputnik.
    Steve your a doughnut setting up thew board the wrong way, that had us cracking up!
    I come bearing news, me and Anna are coming out to lake Tahoe for 9days on the 28th feb. We have a car so are planning on maybe coming to mammoth for a day to shred with you guys…what do you reckon? or you could come to Tahoe for a day? you can email me your thoughts…it would be great to meet up with you guys. I will text you though about it…
    Peace out,
    The Northstar

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