South Park Wall Ride session

Yesterday was another blue bird day, the base is down to 10-12 feet now as it’s been so sunny and the locals are hoping a storm will hit soon. As it was though we decided to make the best of it, with The Boyf and I heading up early to hit the kickers in Forest Trail ready to do some filming with the rest of the guys in the afternoon. Both of us were totally stoked to start hitting the bigger kickers in Forest Trail, we’re both starting to get the hang of hitting stuff on the mountain now which is good, because earlier inthe week we were pretty daunted by the parks and wondered if we’d ever hit stuff in the parks. Still after shooting some footage on the kickers (vid coming soon) we headed over to South Park to do some jibbing, Joe and Laura had been there for most of the day so were ripping as ever. We decided to session the pyramid box for the rest of the afternoon, and I even got the courage to give it a go…..I haven’t hit any rails out here so far, they all look a bit scary but I’ve decided Friday is rail day so I’m taking my jib board up later to give some more stuff a try. Anyway, here’s a short vid of the wall ride session for you. Enjoy!

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