….happiness is seeing your Dad smiling and telling you that you woke him with a phone call at 9am because he’d been out on the town and drunk a bit too much!

The Boyf and I headed home last weekend, the plan had been to ride at MK on Friday night but once again the traffic between our house and the slope was stationary so we decided to head to Bracknell to ride on the Saturday instead.

They were having an afternoon freestyle session/fun day so as Mum was out of the country (hanging out in the New York night clubs with my brother for 10 days) we gave my Dad a call and said we’d be over the following day. It was great to speak to him and hear how pleased he sounded that we were coming and even more so when he heard he’d be able to see us ride (it would be the first time he’d seen me on a board).

It was really good to have a catch up over a ham roll at the house and then head to the slope. Unfortunately it went downhill a bit from there…..permasnow (the artificial surface at Bracknell) is in my opinion rubbish. I would rather ride dendix than permasnow and after the session we had I can certainly say we won’t be going back. The slope is in poor condition with permasnow loops missing an bare patches showing through, plus when you’re riding loose shards of plastic hit you in the eyes and cause 24 hours worth of itching and pain. In addition to that The Boyf cracked a rib on the gas pipe and I winded myself and bruised my knee and elbow (though padding) when I flew 20 foot through the air at the bottom of the slope and landed on my front (hard!)

Still Dad did get a chance to see me do a few tricks and maybe he’ll make it along to watch me on a better surface sometime.

So Dad, it was great to see you, thanks for sorting out the session & also for the magic gel goop that froze The Boyf’s rib and stopped the pain for the journey home.

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