It’s my birthday!

Well today I turned 32 and thought that it was about time that I started blogging again. I know I haven’t posted anything nearly nine months but I think I needed a bit of a break from the world. Work has been insanely busy, I’ve moved from my HR Team Leader role into that of Business Analyst and seem to have been spending most of my time in Belfast where our new service centre is based.

I missed all of the summer snowboard comps, the AIM Series and this years Brits, it was quite sad not seeing any of my friends, and a bit less sad not getting my ass kicked by teenage girls who show no fear on rails and kickers!

On the plus side my job is going well, I love it 90% of the time and the boyf and I are doing well.

So if any of you are still reading out there then I should be posting a lot more regularly from now one!

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