Where does the time go?

Well it’s been a manic month since I last posted, so much has gone on and so many plans have fallen on the way side!

I’ve been working on a new project down in Southampton, which is a 3 hour (each way) commute from where I live, so I’ve been sampling various Southampton hotels 2 or 3 nights a week.  So far it’s been the Novotel, the De Vere and the Eastleigh Holiday Inn.  Now I hate Holiday Inns at the best of times but having to stay 2 train stops away from Southampton last week (because all the local hotels were full of Boat Show visitors) was just a bit too much.  So to counteract that I’ve booked up hotels for the next 2 months so that it doesn’t happen again!

I also spent a week on a PRINCE2 project management course.  This was my first official course (with exams) that I’ve attended in 9 years since I escaped uni so to say I was a touch nervous about it would be an understatement!  That said I managed to pass the Foundation exam half way through the week, so I’m already doing better than uni…..maybe it’s because the subject matter actually made sense (or maybe it’s because I paid attention, was in the lecture rather than the bar and revised for the exam!).  The final exam is sent away to be marked so no news on that yet, fingers crossed I managed to get the pass mark though.

I’d also planned to do lots of snowboarding at the weekends, mainly to get ready for the upcoming competitions but unfortunately the time I’ve been spending in Southampton has left me exhausted and so my weekends have been spent sleeping and playing Scrabulous rather than riding.  Ah well at least I can use it as an excuse when I get my ass kicked by a 10 year old at the Warmwell SnowTour this Saturday!

…….Written on a train from London Waterloo to Southampton Central!

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