CasVegas rocks!

I have to say that CasVegas is currently my favourite riding location, we managed to get up there a few weeks ago for a session and the park was perfectly laid out giving me plenty of toys to get my riding legs back on and even better it’s been allowed to set long enough that the kickers on to the toys didn’t collapse within the first half an hour of the session.

From a training point of view it was a great night for me and I’ve started to get my confidence back and hopefully will be able to build on this ready for the SnowTour comp season that is kicking off next month (I was too chicken to hit the monster gap kicker though)

So here’s proof that I can actually boardslide rather than nose press


Still manage to slam on demand (or when there’s a camera present)


I even managed the entire S-box….. complete with flying chicken arms!


I’m actually pondering keeping up the momentum and riding some dendix this Sunday, weather dependent of course…..I think I’m the only person hoping for a cool and drizzley Bank Holiday Sunday!

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