Changes are afoot

Well I’m in a transitional situation at the moment at work, having survived the role of project manager for the annual pay review (involving a lot of people rather than project management and rather too closely involved in the production of 22,000 mail merged letters), had a week off to recover and baby sat another project while everyone else disappeared on leave, I am starting work on a new project for a shiny new client!

This means no more Belfast for a while (apart from a potential 1 day trip for meetings) and soon no more BBC. I’m slightly sad to be moving on as it’s the workplace I’ve survived at longest since I left uni but I’m also really excited. In a way I think it proves to me that being outsourced from the BBC 18 months ago has been the best thing to happen to me for a long time, not only has it given me better career progression it’s enabled me to develop into a role that I’m enjoying and am not too bad at. Plus my managers are great and really supportive, even when things don’t work out quite as well as we’ve all hoped and planned.

I’m really looking forward to working on new things as well, one of the things that has caused me problems over the last few months is the knowledge that I have about HR processes at the BBC, it’s meant that I’ve been relied on to provide answers and training to people even though that’s no longer my role and I’m actually looking forward to being able to answer questions with “I don’t know” and make people use other avenues to find out the answer to their questions……or even better, “I’m really sorry but I’m not on that project anymore, you’ll need to speak to X”

It’s going to be tough as well though, when the Capita team first moved into my office they were viewed with suspiscion and fear by most of the staff and now I’m going to be suspected and feared myself…hopefully I’ll be able to win people over though (the team ceratinly managed to do that with me).

In addition to all of this I’m going to be doing my Prince2 course to (hopefully) enable me to become a fully qualifed project manager, this does of course entail 2 exams….1 multi choice (guess) and 1 written paper. To say I’m a little bit worried would be an understatement, I hate exams and so I’m hoping that these go better than my last attempt at uni. On the plus side though they happen during the week long course and apparently the written paper is open book so fingers crossed my memory will hold the info long enough to get enough right answers to pass! Wish me luck eh

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