Times flies…..

…..when you’re working too hard!
Apologies for the lack of posts but I’ve been spending my weekends relaxing and my weeks working away, and unfortunately it seems my 3G card has an aversion to allowing me to blog.  So I’m finally thinking outside the box and emailing this in!
To be honest it’s been pretty quiet on the boarding front, we took the airbag up to Tamworth for the Morrow Jam on 10th November and I have to say that fun though it was, it wasn’t quite the Morrow Jam for me.  To me the Morrow Jam is all about madness, hardcore & crazy set-ups on the gnarliest surface known to man (dendix).  Memories of 6 or so barrels piled high loosely held together by rope at the now fire destroyed Wycombe dry slope are still fresh in my mind so it was a shame that the health & safety restrictions of indoor snow meant 3 barrels stacked 2 high (on their sides) were the toughest toy out.  We were also prevented from driving a truck between the kicker and the airbag for people to jump over and the “product toss” at the end was curtailed for saefty reasons – we laugh in the face of safety……60 people fighting for a sticked on dendix is hardcore, a minor scuffle on snow isn’t going to trouble anyone, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be!
That said, I had fun, learnt some new tricks on the boxes and quarter pipe and walked away with first prize……can’t complain I suppose!
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