New Camera

Winter pond
Originally uploaded by plasticsnow

I’ve been pondering getting a camera for a while, just something small that I can carry with me to get snap shots. So today I bought a Nikon Coolpix S200 (in shiny red!). Small enough to fit in my bag or pocket but clever enough to take some good shots….assuming I frame them right and don’t mess with the settings too much.

So after charging it we went for a quick walk round the village green to the duck pond (it’s too chilly for much more than a quick walk at the moment), and I took a few test shots. I’m really pleased with it, these were taken on normal rather than high resolution and everything seems to have come out OK!

So now I’ll be able to do a few more photo blog posts as and when I spot anything interesting rather than being miffed I didn’t have a camera on me.


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