Interesting discussion…

….so there’s a bit of a “conversation” going on at the moment, Seesmic has an embeddable video player which if I’ve embedded it right will thread the entire conversation not just my post.
The question is do I have the right to embed it here. or in other conversational locations or should it only stay in Seesmic in which case…..what’s the point of having it?

and here’s the thread that started it all!

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  1. Benjamin

    More concerning to me is the way that conversations will end up fragmented. See, I’m commenting here… Not on Seesmic… The conversation has forked. That is sad. Pulling the conversation into seesmic is an obvious landgrab… It seems that Phreadz is attempting to draw the conversations back together, and anyone doing that should be praised.

    But… Who’s conversation is it?

    ‘Not easy’ stuff.

  2. Kat

    I think that that’s something that Kosso is hoping the Phreadz will help with…..or I could be confused & wrong.

    A very good point through especially as I’ve had commetns on this in Jaiku as well

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