Proof reading

Why is it that I feel the urge to correct people’s spelling & grammar when they ask me to check out their website or a document? I always try and be polite about it when I add comments/corrections to the Word document or drop them an email with the details, but I suppose I’m wondering if this is an OK thing to do.
In my work environment I’m much more comfortable about doing this, I think that’s because it’s a professional document that I’ll be reviewing and so it’s important that everything is as correct as possible (especially when it might be sent/reviewed by a client).
So I suppose what I’m really questioning is whether it’s OK to contact individuals about their personal sites and point out an error that I’ve spotted, or should I learn to sit on my hands and let it wash over me?

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  1. traveltweets

    I reckon it’s okay to tell people if they’ve got stuff spelt wrong. I know people get a little affronted by such things but it’s far more difficult to proofread your own copy than it is someone else’s so really you’re doing them a favour. I have to say though, as much as I do the same as you with other people’s websites and work, I still haven’t found a way to do it so they don’t get peeved!

    Hope ure having a good day!! xx

  2. Benjamin

    You can spell check my website anytime!!!

    Feedback is always a tricky thing to deliver, but it it is going out to a customer it is always best to have it right. I once watched a CEO eliminate a vendor from the running based on the quality of that vendor’s spelling. I kid you not.

    For personal blogs I guess it is a harder call. I’d rather know and fix things, but that might not always be the case. It will depend on the individual. Contacting a stranger and pointing out spelling mistakes on their site is probably not going to win too many people over. However, saving a friend from a blooper is always a good thing to do!

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