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Last week I spotted what I think could be the perfect job for me, titled Content Partnerships Executive, Communities it requires the post holder to manage & build relationships with the users of the BBC Worldwide Ltd’s channels on MySpace & YouTube and with the teams at those companies. So how could I turn down the opportunity of a) working for part of the BBC again and b) having the opportunity to legitimately be on MySpace & YouTube during work hours? I couldn’t, so instead I sat down and completed the application form, and an even bigger step, submitted it!

So now the waiting period commences, for anyone who has ever applied for a job at the BBC or one of it’s limited companies you’ll know that the waiting can be anything from a week to 8 weeks before the short listing is completed and applicants are called for interview. So rather than sitting back twiddling my thumbs and constantly checking my email inbox for a rejection email I thought I’d do something productive in the hope that I will be called to interview. Step one is this blog post, if nothing else I hope it demonstrates my ability to write for the web (one of the requirements for the post), the second thing I’m going to do is conduct a survey. Once I’ve decided on the questions I’ll post a link and hope that you’ll all help me out by completing it.

What I’m hoping is that if I get the opportunity to interview for this job that I can go into the interview backed by some personal research that will help demonstrate my awareness of the communities & channels that I’d be involved with, and maybe help with the inevitable interview question “What do you think BBC Worldwide Ltd needs to do to engage better with the channel end users?”

So here’s to crossed fingers & opportunities!

OK so I’ve made a quick survey with www.surveymonkey.com and it would be great if you could take a few minutes to complete it and help me get the role should I be lucky enough to get an interview.

Click Here to take survey

Many thanks!

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