Two in a row!

Yes MK SNO!zone has been pretty much spot on two, yes TWO sessions in a row! Although there’re still too many gas pipes for my liking, they had another excellent kicker which I managed to session for a good 2 hours before my legs couldn’t take it anymore.
Even more impressive was the fact the the run-in and landing were still in excellent condition after those 2 hours! I’m not sure who MK have building their park at the moment but it looks as though they’re able to build the park well in advance of the session so that the kickers are nicely iced in.

I was quite surprised that a Thursday night was as busy as it was but I do wonder if that’s because they had girly coaching on the nursery slope so that there were a lot of boyfriends who’d been dragged along, or if there were just loads of blokes around hoping to hook up with a girly rider. Unfortunately due to work issues for the other half we didn’t make it up as planned on Friday night so I can’t compare it to a normal Friday. Thursday was definitely busier than the Pink Session we went to last week.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much that MK is going to become a regular haunt but I do think that if the set-up includes a kicker and they keep building them to a similar spec of the last 2 weeks that I’ll try and head up a bit more regularly than once every 18 months!

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