Expect more frequent blogging!

So as you know I was up in Glasgow a couple of weekends back for the Westbeach Snowflex Tour, and as is normal I refuse to be parted from the Internet so I was checking my emails, Flickr and all the other sites I check on a regular basis, when I was stoked to receive a Flickr mail from the people at WOM World/Nokia asking me if I’d be interested in participating in a trial of a new Nokia mobile phone application. Basically they’d give me a mobile phone with this app on it and I get to play with it for a while in exchange for giving them feedback.

Hmm let me think, free (on loan) gadgetry and new stuff to play with……of course I’m interested! So I promptly pinged back a message and waited to hear back, 2 weeks passed and I heard nothing so I contacted them again. It wasn’t that I wanted to be pushy, I was more concerned that Flickr mail had failed me and they hadn’t got my first message, I mean you don’t want people like WOM to think you’re rude, do you?

So when I got back from Southampton last night there was an email waiting for me complete with trial sign up form and a plea for my address so they can send out the N82 I’ll be testing the app on. This was returned promptly this morning and by the end of the day I’d had an email back confirming the phone is on it’s way out to me.

Based on some wording on the dispatch notice and some Googling I have a feeling the app I’ll be playing with for the next 2 months is Nokia viNe, this is based on the Nokia Sports Tracker which I’ve played with before and really liked so it’ll be interesting so how this handles. Of course I could be completely wrong and it could be something else but I do know that whatever it is it’s location based. So expect more on this on Monday when the phone gets to me and I find out exactly what I get to play with!

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