Testing, testing, one, two, three

Well thanks to WOM World, I have in my slightly sweaty mitts a Nokia N82 and I am indeed testing out Nokia viNe, I’ve had a quick play with it and it’s very simple to use, press start button, go for a walk, take pictures and listen to music as normal and then press stop when you’re done!

I’m not on the official website yet so I’ve yet to see my media in the form it’ll eventually be post-upload but it think it’s going to be a fun way of capturing my snowboarding trips, especially if I put my snowboarding tunes on the phone so I can listen to that rather than my iPod when I’m riding.

I’m off to MK tomorrow so will give it a test run there, and then it’s Halifax for the Westbeach Tour & CasVegas for FBBB next weekend!

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