Hands-free Tweetage!

So I was walking in to work yesterday after the early storm and passed a patch of cut grass, it had that lovely wet, soily, grassy smell to it, slightly summery, partly autumnal and I wanted to share it with people. Being on my own (stranded in Southampton) I reached for my phone and dialed the contact labelled Spinvox Social Network (I also have Spinvox Blog & Spinvox Memo – more on those in a mo!) and shared this with the world……

“I love the smell of fresh mowed rained on grass, it’s brilliant and under the sun, it’s even better”

Yes my speech was converted to text and posted to two of the social tools I use, Twitter & Jaiku. To be honest there’s been a glitch recently so I was only expecting the words to end up in Jaiku so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I’d Tweeted as well, yes the brilliant team at Spinvox have got things sorted and I can now use my phone to update my status on Jaiku and Twitter, it would even do Facebook as well but I tend to limit what I update on there.

So thanks to James Whatley aka whatleydude who first turned me on to Spinvox (he works for them as their social media dude) I will be able to spend this weekend’s road trip (3 days, 3 slopes, 1 snowboarding competition) speaking to Tweet rather than texting. Which of course will be much easier as it means I don’t have to keep taking my gloves off to text as I go up the drag lift!

I’ll also be able to use those other contacts I mentioned to blog slightly longer ponderances to my Vox blog and also email myself memos to things I need to do when I get home…..you know how it is, random important stuff always pops into your head when you have no way of writing it down and then it vanishes by the time you get home. Even better all of this is completely free! Yes no cost at all (apart from the phone call but as I get loads of minutes free on my mobile it’s free!)

I’ll do another post about their Voicemail to Text service at some point, this is chargeable but I’m thinking that it’ll be very handy when I’m in Switzerland later in the year!

So for those of you that have an interest in my snowboarding and want to follow what I get up to over the weekend then keep your eyes peeled on the following locations Twitter (short snippets), Moblog (photos), Vox (longer ponderances) & Qik (live streamed video)!

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