Couch to 5km

As part of my getting fit for the mountains health kick I’ve decided to try actual running, you know the type of thing…outside, on the path as opposed to indoors on the treadmill. The Boyf has been trying to convince me that it’s a good idea for a while now but I’ve tried to avoid it. I’ve finally given in though and so today (after a mini-false start before Christmas) I started the Podcasts for Running series of podcasts from iTunes. These were created by Robert Ullrey and are based on the Cool Running website’s Couch to 5km training programme.

The idea is that by following the training programme and using the podcasts anyone can get off their ample butt and with regular, progressive training run 5km. So I’m going to give it a try! Since I’m in France for a week in a couple of weeks time it’s unlikely that I’ll do it in the recommended 9 weeks (plus I’m lazy and running makes me tired), but I’m going to do my best to keep at it and see how I do. Even if I stay at one of the earlier levels but exercise regularly it’s got to be a good thing…..right?

So here are today’s screen shots from my gadgetous tools….my Nike+ sensor is slightly out on the mileage, I think this is because I calibrated it on a treadmill and that confuses it a bit. Not to worry though because I also tracked my route using Nokia Sports Tracker which showed my distance as 4.48km. I know that’s almost 5km but I think the overall aim is to run for the full 5km and not just do what I did today which is a mix of walking & running!

#road Couch to 5km Week 1 Run 1 - Nike+

#road Couch to 5km Week 1 Run 1 - Nike+ training log

#road Couch to 5km Week 1 Run 1 - SportsTracker

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