Wii Fat

Now I’m not working away anymore I’m attempting to use my Wii Fit a bit more, if only to stop it stropping the next time I leave it for 200 days! Even if I don;t get round to doing much apart from some yoga and strength work it’ll be a helpful way to monitor whether all the exercise I’m planning on doing actually helps me lose weight, or whether I’ll just eat more becuase I’m exercising more.

So tonight I did the fitness test, I weigh 155lbs (just over 11 stone), have an ideal BMI (just) and my Wii Fit age is 20! Considering I’m 33 I feel pretty good about that. According to the Wii my perfect BMI for absolute health is 22, which means I have to lose about 15lbs. I’m not sure if I want to lose that much weight, and if I do then I want to do it slowly rather than going on any silly crash diets, so I’ve set a target on the Wii to lose 2lbs in the next 2 weeks. If it happens I’ll be stoked but if not, I’m not really bothered, as long as my jeans still fit then I’m happy!

My Wii BMI

My Wii Weight

My Wii Fit Age - 20!

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