Jedi Legs or Jelly Legs

Today I turned 34, and it appears as though the wishes of everyone on Facebook & Twitter have come true and I have suffered another powder day here in Laax (it’s obvious not enough people read this blog!)

On the bright-side though my kicker lesson this morning wasn’t cancelled, on the downside though the park was right in the cloud line so it was like riding in thick fog. So it wasn’t really a bright-side when you think about it, especially as I spent two hours in fear of my life. As Marc reminded me though, comp day may well be bad weather and if I can ride kickers in conditions like today then I’ll be fine if the weather is actually good for a change.

Poor visibility in the park

So off to the kicker line we went, and it was time to ride with Jedi legs…..feel, don’t see young Padawan! I have to admit that if I thought I was scared earlier in the week then I was definitely confused, no fear was what I felt dropping in on the kickers for my first run this morning. Luckily I survived in one piece and over the course of the morning I lapped the kickers, building in confidence and reducing the number of unnecessary speed checks I put in before the 2nd kicker.

Rumour has it that it may be a bit brighter tomorrow morning, but considering it’s still dumping outside at the very least I’m guaranteed a soft landing on the kickers first thing!

Enough with the snow already!

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